Club Nights

Club nights are on 3 nights a week outside Morrisons in Lawley, the meet times are:

  • Monday 6.40pm
  • Wednesday 6.40pm
  • Friday 6.15

On alternative weeks we also hold a track session that is open to all members and any ability, these sessions are taken by our own in house coach Kim Fawke they take place at Oakengates Track  6.40 pm on the same weeks as our speed sessions and cost £2 per session.

There are other running sessions put on by the members via our Facebook group LRC Members who normally say what mileage they are doing and what particular paces.

Paced Groups

On a Monday and  Wednesday we take out 5 groups.  You can choose which group that suits you for that day.  The groups are:

Group 1: Paced at 8.30 min/miles or faster
Group 2: Paced between 8.30 – 9.30 min/miles
Group 3: Paced between 9.30 – 10.30 min/miles
Group 4: Paced at 10.30 min/miles or slower
Group 5:  Any pace but to complete 5k only.  The faster runners are expected to loop to keep the group together.

Mondays – Group 1 to 4 is an activity based session alternating between speed work or hill work at the groups pace.  Group 5 will do a 5k route
Wednesdays – Group 1 to 4 is aimed around 6 miles course at groups pace.  Group 5 will do a 5k route.

Friday Session

Group 1 – This is one group that looks to cover 6 miles at any pace but will come by Lawley Morrisons at 3 miles for who want to do 3 miles.

Running Guidance

  • All runners to wear Hi-Viz clothing whilst nights are dark.  Please consider when you finish your run, if its still dark, then Hi-Viz to be worn
  • Only one ear piece to be worn if you are listening to music, so you can hear advice from the run leaders and for traffic
  • Please loop.  The faster runners please loop when the run leader advises, and continue around the back of the group, this ensures run leaders can maintain safety of all runners at the front and back.